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26. - 28. September 2019 in Graz

Fertility & Element Water

Dear Colleagues!

We would like to invite you to our 16th International TCM Congress. The main theme of this year's congress is fertility, and a second topic focuses on the Water Element and its issues. In addition, you can expect interesting lectures and workshops on topics such as gut, pain, laser acupuncture and auriculo- medicine/earacupuncture.

Why did we choose fertility as our main topic?
An increasing problem of our society is undoubtedly the unwanted childlessness. Already every 6th couple is affected and partly uses artificial reproductive methods to be able to conceive. In every Austrian school class nowadays sits at least one pupil who has been fathered using reproductive medicine. The problems that lead to infertility are manifold, ranging from the higher age of parenting to environmental factors and lifestyle issues. Certain is, that the sperm quality has also fallen by 50% within the last 30 years. If we can´t solve the fertility problems of the Western world, it will cause massive problems in society as the already low birth rate will continue to decline.

Especially in terms of increasing fertility and pregnancy rates - both in natural conception and the outcome of reproductive techniques - the methods of Chinese Medicine are a valuable, evidence-based support. Many fertility clinics around the world are already working together with a TCM practitioner, as research on acupuncture and herbal therapy supporting ART highlight that a significantly higher pregnancy and birth rate can be achieved. Therefore, us as acupuncturists and Chinese Medicine practitioners have to be really well educated in the field of fertility-supporting Chinese medicine. That high-level education is exactly our goal for this congress and it’s this year´s main topic.

You can choose from our wide range of workshops on diagnostics, Chinese Medicine in general, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, auriculomedicine/earacupuncture, Qigong and Western herbal medicine.

This year, we have succeeded in inviting an unprecedented number of speakers from all over the world to give informative lectures and exciting workshops. World-famous speakers in their fields, who will partly celebrate their premiere in Austria and even in German-speaking countries. Of course, the focus will again be on practicality; you will be able to implement what you have learned in your daily work immediately.

Take advantage of this opportunity - unique in Austria - to experience TCM, feel the cozy atmosphere and the inspiring ambiance of our TAO Congress. Undergo further education in small groups, where you still have the opportunity to speak with the lecturer personally, meet colleagues and make friends for professional exchange or for a leisurely conversation, and lust but not least enjoy our beautiful town Graz and its Surrounding (for example the Wine yards in Southern Styria).

Come to this special event and you will feel it - TAO: Traditional- Amicable - “Oesterreichisch”

Prof. Dr. Leopold Dorfer
Dr. Peter Aluani
Dr. Olivia Krammer-Pojer



On all three Congress days mostly, practice-oriented workshops are held. Plenary Lectures will take place on Friday and Saturday morning.
Post-Courses complete the congress on Sunday.

Steiermarkhof, Ekkehard-Hauer-Straße 33, 8052 Graz, Austria

Thursday: 9.15 am to 6.00 pm
Friday & Saturday: 8.45 am to 6.00 pm
Post-Course on Sunday: 8.30 am to 4.30 pm

The Lecture language is marked after the title, so if the Lecture language is German, it is marked with (D) and if it is English, it is marked with (E).
Lectures and Workshops won´t be translated!

We aks you to book your desired workshops in advance, but according to availability, you can also switch to other workshops during the Congress. For workshops with limited participants marked with “(max 20 Pax)” a fixed registration is required. A first come first served system will be applied.
After Online registration you will receive the booking confirmation and bill via E-Mail.
Approx. two weeks bevor the Congress we send you a link for the download of the Handouts, which are published on the Congress Homepage in a secure area.
You will get your Name tag, the goody bag and the Certificate of congress attendance at the Registration office at the Congress Site.

On Sundays there are three full-day refresher courses parallel. Registration for these courses is by mail to renate.pleterski@ogka.at or on the homepage of the OGKA (special courses).

For the participation in the congress, we applied for 26 Credits by the ÖÄK (Austrian Medical Chamber), for CEUs in your country you´ll certainly get a certificate of congress attendance so that you can try to apply for CEUs in your country.

Thursday, 26.09.2019: 18:45: Guided Citywalk „Discover Graz” (free of charge)
Friday, 27.09.2019: 18:45: CONGRESS PARTY in Steiermarkhof "TCM ROCKS"
Costs include dinner: € 35,00 / person; Drinks: self-payer. Registration is requested.
8.30 pm: Music & dance (free for charge)
Sunday, 29.09.2019, 11.00-17.00: Excursion to the South Styria
(Schloss Seggau - wine tasting, oil mill Labugger - tasting and wine tavern Schneeberger - hearty Brettljause)
Departure from Steiermarkhof, arrival Styria or Graz Thalerhof airport
(Cost: € 77,00 per person)
To register until 23.8. to renate.pleterski@ogka.at is requested.

please contact:

The Congress-Hotel "Steiermarkhof"
Ekkehard-Hauer-Straße 33
8052 Graz


Graz Tourism and City Marketing GmbH - Ms. Barbara Kollmann
Messeplatz 1, Messeturm, 8010 Graz, Austria
T: + 43/316 / 8075-49, F: + 43/316 / 8075-55
km@graztourismus.at, www.graztourismus.at


It is noted that photos are made at the venue and are published for the purpose of documenting the event.